Premier figurative artist, painting, painter, sculpture

Blake Ward

Blake Ward Monaco Website: Art Medium: sculpture Technique: Figurative Clay Modeling & Wax Angels “As a sculptor, my work will always remain figurative as it expresses ideas across cultures, religions and philosophies. I believe that personal growth comes with artistic endeavour and my new work is challenging my old notions of figurative sculpture as …

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Steven Hudson

Steven Hudson USA Website: Instagram: stevenhudsonartist Art Medium: painting, drawing Gypsy, oil on panel, 12 x 16 inches Document, oil on panel, 72 x 72 inches Huddle, oil on panel, 54 x 54 inches Answers, oil on panel, 14 x 12 inches Bridge, oil on panel, 14 x 12 inches Conversation, oil on canvas, …

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Arye Shapiro

Arye Shapiro Austin, TX, USA Website:aryeshapiro.comInstagram:arye.shapiro Art Medium: painting, drawing, portraits, sculpture I draw, paint, and sculpt from life. I draw in pencil and charcoal, paint in oil, and sculpt in clay. Some of my sculptures have been cast in bronze. Embracing Couple, 13″W x 24″H x 9″D, bronze You Wouldn’t Understand, ceramic, acrylic, waxfemale …

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Suzy Birstein

Suzy Birstein Vancouver, Canada Website: Art Medium: Ceramic Sculpture, Oil Paintings Ceramic Technique: Low fire clay, surfaced with underglazes, glazes, lustres, paint & patinas Merging the powerful beauty of Queen Nefertitti with the song ‘n dance spirit of Carmen Miranda “ZsaZsa” from “Las Meninas” series Ceramic 20″x18″x18″ . “….in wonderland” Ceramic 24″x14″x14″ . “Cirque …

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Nacera Kainou

Nacera Kainou Paris, France Medium: sculpture, portraits La petite Sarah, bronze 15 x 27 cm portrait sculpture bust of small girl Marianne, 24 x 27 x 46 cm, terre cuite portrait sculpture Fille aux Nattes, Girl with Braids, terre cuite, child portrait sculpture Colette, 26 x 38 cm, terre cuite portrait sculpture Guerrier Massai, …

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Eugene Kuperman

Eugene Kuperman Los Angeles, CA, USA Website: Facebook: EugeneKupermanArt Instagram: eugene_kuperman_fine_art Art Medium: painting, drawing, portraits Motherly Love – 18 x 24 inches, Oil on Linen Never Again – 30 x 40 inches, Oil on Linen 1915 – 30 x 40 inches, Oil on Linen Vita – 24 x 30 inches, Oil on Linen …

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Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong

Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong Bridgeport, CT, USA Website: Instagram: jbarmstrongceramics Art Medium: figurative ceramics, sculpture Abstract Figure #1 2020 thrown and altered porcelain, black inlaid slip, 20k gold luster 13″ x 12″ x 10.5″ For Lee IX 2019 thrown and altered porcelain, black slip 22″ x 17″ 10″ For Klaus 2019 thrown and altered porcelain. …

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Carole Belliveau

Carole Belliveau Santa Fe, New Mexico Website: Instagram: carolebelliveaufineart Art Medium: painting, portraits, mixed media, Oil and Mixed media pieces sometimes enhanced with gold and silver leaf The Way Home, Mixed Media, 24″x30″ Face Forward, Oil, 18″x18″ Luminous, Mixed Media, 18″x24″ The Beating Heart of a Dove, Oil and Silver Leaf, 24″x30″ Rebirth, Mixed …

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