Mission Statement:

To support, showcase and promote the best in figurative arts. To be a resource for figurative artists, art galleries, students & collectors.

Our promise to the viewer:

We feature great figurative artists with great websites with excellent original figurative art and a strong personal voice.

Our promise to the artist:

Your email address will never be shared or sold. Your name & image will be credited, linked to your site whenever possible. Your images will ONLY be used to promote this site.

We welcome new members!

Who is behind the site?

Paula O'Brien - I'm a visual artist. I live in small town in British Columbia and am fortunate to have been able to do a lot of travelling. The site sprang from my desire to explore and share the many exciting figurative artists that I have discovered along the way.

Realizing that many others would never have the same opportunity to wander the Prado, spend time at the London or Madrid Contemporary Art Fairs, I set out to gather these exciting artists under one roof like a giant Art Fair but without the hassle of losing your baggage at the airport!

Using my web site and database skills learned through my job at Kidzsmart, the site began as a free invitational site in Spring 2010, a gift to the art world and a form of public service. In snips of time, the site grew, a bit like making a giant art quilt, stitching all of us together and building community.

For the first 3 years, the site was offered as a FREE random act of kindness and is a testament to the power of making positive connections. Now the site has grown into a large and valuable resource for artists, students and collectors.

A donation/support system is now in place to make the site sustainable.

If you enjoy this site, please bookmark it, pass it on to others, put a link on your site or blog. Thanks!

Sit back and wander through our studios. Come and visit or join us soon. Almost all artists included here are still breathing but you'll also find treasures from the past in the Art History section.

This is a juried and curated site so you know you're going to visit something fabulous when you click on a link.

Yours sincerely,
Paula O'Brien

Visit my site if you'd like to know more about me. Yes, amazingly enough, I am a real person.

"Picasso was the first person to produce figurative paintings which overturned the rules of appearance; he suggested appearance without using the usual codes, without respecting the representational truth of form, but using a breath of irrationality instead, to make representation stronger and more direct; so that form could pass directly from the eye to the stomach without going through the brain." Francis Bacon

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