Stephanie Henry, quiet expressive portraits

Creating sensitive and beautiful portraits with strong lines and bold colors, Stephanie Henry captures that quiet, yet expressive moment. Dominant brushstrokes combined with energetic pigment work in unexpected ways to create penetrating and thoughtful expressions. She captures those timeless moments that speak to our souls. Her work is bold, strong and engaging on multiple levels.

Stephanie is a figurative artist based in San Diego, California who was raised in West Germany. Having traveled extensively in her youth, she was exposed to many different cultures and viewpoints. Part of what intrigues her is the interaction between the artist and the model during the artistic process. Analyzing the external structure of a subject results in internal musings on the connection and concludes with an overall deeper understanding. For her, the most thrilling moment is when both the artist and the subject are improved by the process.
Stephanie Henry
Mar 16, 2016

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