Marianne Pados, figurative painting from Norway

Marianne Pados was born in Budapest.
Before her mid twenties she moved to Norway.

She got her artistic education at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Complutanse University in Madrid. There she was thoroughly trained in classical painting techniques, and obtained good understanding of the old masters paintings.

Over the years she has worked with different expressions, but has concluded that the classical figurative is the most meaningful to her. She enjoys great pleasure in painting classical portraits.

Her works came into being as a result of a creative process. Most of her pictures are painted by imagination, and only a few ones by model. With her paintings she works to reveal an imaginary realism, and an idealized world where aesthetics plays a central role. She does not intend to represent the reality we live in. She wants to show classic beauty and emphasize gentle feminine values in contrast to today’s masculine ones.

Marianne Pados has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in Norway and Spain.
Recent solo exhibition she had in October 2015, in Oslo.

Marianne Pados
Mar 19, 2016

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