Jazmin Sasky, whimsical figurative paintings

Jazmin Sasky is a visual artist who maintains a mission to employ her talent to drive social change. Sasky effectively collaborates with women non-profit organizations across North America and donates resources from the sales of her works in order to support her vision of equality and justice for women and children. These efforts received press coverage through various media channels including Vancouver Courier, Moku Maui TV Live and Tourism Vancouver. Special recognition as a Platinum Donor was also attributed to Sasky for her valuable contributions to the YWCA and the work that they do.

Sasky regularly works on art initiatives that include a recent installation in Maui and an upcoming exhibition in San Diego. She has been invited to showcase her paintings of women in a number of prestigious art spaces including Viewpoints Art Gallery in Maui, Hawaii, and Espacio de Arte Milo Lockett in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In addition to her exhibitions, her works are also featured on a lifestyle range of products including art prints, wall tapestries and other gift items that brighten a space and introduce a sense of whimsical delight.

Her creative practice is rooted in contemporary painting and illustration, the boldness of Latin American artists, folk art and textile design, with inspiration drawn from the works of artist Paul Gaugin and his famous scenes of Tahitian women.

Sasky possesses a unique personal style that has been compared to Frida Kahlo, with her colourful large paintings reflecting this joyful aesthetic, right down to the signature flower in the hair of both the artist and subject. Simultaneously whimsical and poignant, her work depicts women in everyday life and explores themes around friendship, intimacy and motherhood. These pieces are included in collections for The Vancouver Public Library, major hospitals in British Columbia, along with private medical clinics and homes across North America.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sasky was raised in a large Russian-Arab family, surrounded by a rich diversity of culture, art, music and performance in a vibrant household. She credits the strong female presence throughout her life, both in her extended family and broader community, for providing inspiration that shaped her childhood and artistic practice. Sasky is also a natural storyteller who possesses a keen sensibility to connect with people, and listen to their stories in order to gather, share and curate these experiences. The emotions that emerge from these interactions feed her vision and encourage her painted canvases to come to life.

At the age of 19, Sasky packed a single bag and moved to Israel, where she studied design and illustration. Sasky relocated to Vancouver, Canada in 2004, where she naturally transitioned to painting. As a lifelong learner, she pursues courses around intuitive painting, a technique related to layering colours and texture, and finding personal voice and style.
Jazmin Sasky
Mar 12, 2016

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