Eve Shepherd, figurative sculpture, portrait sculpture

This year Eve celebrates her 22nd year as a professional figurative sculptor. Eve started her career as a sculptor aged just 17, working as an apprentice to established animal sculptor Anthony Bennett. Bennett quickly recognized Eve’s natural ability with clay and the human form and after only 4 short months handed her over to a large international sculpture company based in York. In this creative environment Eve learned both speed and precision and her gift flourished.  Like the masters of yester-year Eve’s natural artistic ability developed on the job and laid down firm foundations for the freedom of expression and willingness to take artistic liberties that we see in her work today.

Eve soon built a shining reputation for her accurate and emotionally filled work and while still in her early 20’s she was heading teams of sculptors creating commissions in countries as far afield as Singapore, Aswan, Israel, Croatia, to name but a few.

Eve natural thirst for knowledge and passionate love for the art form led her to Chelsea College of Art and Design, the university having had strong connections with other great sculptors such as Moore and Hepworth. Hungry to discover her own artistic voice, this decision marked the start of many productive and explorative years fraught with turmoil and financial insecurity.

During this time Eve worked on a number of highly prestigious commissions, one of which was a portrait of Professor Stephen Hawking for Cambridge University and the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences based in Cape Town.

Over the years Eve has shown great loyalty and devotion to developing the art form and to creating the unique and recognizable style of sculpture she continues to produce today. Her work is held in collections internationally and her fine art reputation gathering a speedy momentum, with arts connoisseurs and enthusiasts.
Eve Shepherd
Feb 3, 2016

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