Andrea Broyles’ figurative paintings are sculptural

Andrea Broyles’ work has always been inspired by the figure.  It informs her choices and shades her compositions.  Her oeuvre consists of both painting and sculpture with a lot of cross pollination between the two mediums.

I am not sure if my paintings are sculptural or my sculptures are painterly but I am inspired and energized by alternating between the two and even combining them in the same piece.

Although the themes may change over time, the essence of Broyles’ body of work has a consistency – it is figurative.  It reflects her interests on both a basic compositional and an aesthetic level.  She uses the medium chosen and the figural subject matter as a vehicle to express the spectrum of the human condition: love, fear, death, pain, desire, loneliness.

Humans are naturally drawn to the figure and Broyles uses this instinctual interest in seeing variations of the human body to urge the viewer to think beyond surface, color and line to plumb deeper meaning.
Andrea Broyles
Feb 6, 2016

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