Figurative fine art portraiture, portrait painting, portrait sculpture

Arye Shapiro

Arye Shapiro Austin, TX, USA Website: aryeshapiro.com Instagram: arye.shapiro Art Medium: painting, drawing, portraits, sculpture I draw, paint, and sculpt from life. I draw in pencil and charcoal, paint in oil, and sculpt in clay. Some of my sculptures have been cast in bronze. About the Artist Arye Shapiro has been producing figurative art since …

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Gretel Boose

Gretel Boose Ontario, Canada . Website: gretelboose.com Art Medium: portraits, sculpture, ceramic, mixed media    

Brenda Hash

Brenda Hash, PSA Houston, TX, USA Website: brendahash.com Art Medium: portraits, painting I like to refer to my technique as contemporary realism, and I work in two different mediums: soft pastel and oil. While my use of these mediums is in keeping with traditional methods, I have been experimenting with  different surfaces. In my pastel …

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Camille Barnes

Camille Barnes USA Website: camillebarnesstudio.com Facebook: ArtistCamilleBarnes Instagram: camillebarnesstudio Twitter: CamillesStudio Youtube: Camille Barnes – Contemporary Artist Art Medium: portraits, painting, mixed media Artist Camille Barnes studied at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts and attended many workshops. As a realist her paintings capture the essence of the subject matter, using color, light, and …

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Eugene Kuperman

Eugene Kuperman Los Angeles, CA, USA Website: kuperart.com Facebook: EugeneKupermanArt Instagram: eugene_kuperman_fine_art Art Medium: painting, drawing, portraits Eugene Kuperman is a published and an award winning artist. Eugene’s work is in many private collections including in a private collection of Robert Harris Rothchild who has many notable works in his collection by artists like: Rembrandt, …

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Lisa Kovvuri

Lisa Kovvuri NH, USA . Website: lisakovvuri.com Art Medium: painting, drawing, portraits Technique: Contemporary portraits, realism  

Louise Solecki Weir

Louise Solecki Weir Vancouver, Canada Website: louisesoleckiweir.com Instagram: louisesoleckiweir Art Medium: portraits, sculpture That her art should be emotionally engaging and physically beautiful is key to Louise’s approach to sculpture. She endeavours to evoke a sense of presence and life in her work. She is drawn to the three-dimensionality of sculpture after making a serious …

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Katie Ray

Katie Ray Hastings, UK . Website: katierayart.co.uk Art Medium: drawing, painting, portraits