mixed media

Figurative fine art mixed media, images of people, characters in mixed media, assemblage, collage

Alessandra Spigai

Alessandra Spigai Trieste, Italy Website: spigai.eu Art Medium: painting, sculpture, mixed media

Gretel Boose

Gretel Boose Ontario, Canada . Website: gretelboose.com Art Medium: portraits, sculpture, ceramic, mixed media    

Ginny Merett

Ginny Merett South Carolina, USA Website: ginnymerett.com Art Medium: collage, mixed media

Camille Barnes

Camille Barnes USA Website: camillebarnesstudio.com Facebook: ArtistCamilleBarnes Instagram: camillebarnesstudio Twitter: CamillesStudio Youtube: Camille Barnes – Contemporary Artist Art Medium: portraits, painting, mixed media Artist Camille Barnes studied at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts and attended many workshops. As a realist her paintings capture the essence of the subject matter, using color, light, and …

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Carole Belliveau

Carole Belliveau Santa Fe, New Mexico Website: carolebelliveau.com Instagram: carolebelliveaufineart Art Medium: painting, portraits, mixed media, Oil and Mixed media pieces sometimes enhanced with gold and silver leaf I am inspired by the play of light and renewal of life in the natural world. Outdoor plein air landscape studies inform my experience of nature. My …

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Melinda Crider

Melinda Crider Georgia, USA Website: melindacrider.com Art Medium: sculpture, ceramics, mixed media Technique: paper clay with terra sigillata, underglaze, metal and gold luster I began my formal education at the Atlanta College of Art, focusing on painting and sculpture. In the Apprenticeship Program at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center I began an in-depth study of clay …

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Cristina Cordova

Cristina Cordova Penland, NC, USA Website: cristinacordova.com  Art Medium: ceramics, mixed media, sculpture

Dan Shupe

Dan Shupe Hollywood, California, USA Website: laartists.com Art Medium: painting, mixed media