Carole Belliveau

Santa Fe, New Mexico


Instagram: carolebelliveaufineart

Art Medium: contemporary figurative painting, portraits, mixed media, Oil and Mixed media pieces sometimes enhanced with gold and silver leaf

The Way Home, Mixed Media, 24"x30"

Face Forward, Oil, 18"x18"

Luminous, Mixed Media, 18"x24"

The Beating Heart of a Dove, Oil and Silver Leaf, 24"x30"

Rebirth, Mixed Media, 18"x24"

The Journey, Mixed Media, 24"x20"

Realm of Mystery, Mixed Media, 36"x24"

Broken Flowers, Mixed Media, 16"x16"

I am inspired by the play of light and renewal of life in the natural world. Outdoor plein air landscape studies inform my experience of nature. My subjects of women and children represent the world in its most beautiful, ethereal, sacred and eternal aspects.

Both disciplines of figure and landscape painting enhance my appreciation for the inherent design found in nature.

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