William K Moore, juicy character drawings

William K Moore from Chicago has a wonderful figurative art blog where he posts his own juicy and dramatic drawings and paintings and some works by others. His works include portraits, nude life studies and everyday scenes with real people including some quirky and colorful characters. His style is quite loose and direct. If you’re stuck in a rut of too much attention to detail and perfection in your own work, take a look as his raw and sometimes irreverent approach for a breath of fresh air.

His art blog is a wonderful example of how and artist can have a very low tech website. It’s a simple but juicy free Blogger blog. If price is holding you back from putting up your own website, take a tips from him and get going with Blogger or WordPress, free blogging platforms.

I follow his facebook page and whenever I see a new piece of his float by, I am always impressed. He brightens up my day as a facebook friend.

William K Moore
Mar 5, 2014

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