Gretchen Kelly, Boudoir drawings

I came across a very lively and refreshing artists recently. Gretchen Kelly’s drawings and paintings of live models and boudoir poses are light and bright, a really fresh approach to life drawing. Share these with your life drawing groups and put some zing in your sessions! Here are some from her ongoing works of the female persona in the boudoir.

Her figurative blog has lots of interesting works too on nudes, clothed models and even landscapes.

I work in a variety of mediums and styles. Primarily, I do figurative works and landscapes. My fashion and home decor background influence my work at times. I am inspired by the beauty of what is natural in my world and embellish it with my own personal touches of color, pattern and ornament. My work, at times, has a whimsical nature to it which comes from my spontaneous marks as I paint. I work quickly and try to capture gestures and nuances of fleeting moments which are the details that bring to each painting, the beauty that I see and record. Simplicity is the mark that I strive for.

Gretchen Kelly
Mar 1, 2014

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