Ron Di Scenza, elegant nudes & smoldering landscapes

Artist Ron Di Scenza has a fitting last name. In Italian, conoscenza means knowledge or awareness, and a knowing sense of familiarity comes through Di Scenza’s canvases, giving his images special meaning and significance.

Di Scenza’s deep understanding of human nature is expressed in the faces and body language of his figures, much like Spanish painter Diego Velasquez and his ability to report life as it is recalls American painter John Singer Sergeant. Especially exciting, Di Scenza’s detailed realism is on par with Flemish painter Johannes Vermeer’s, while the soulfulness of his subjects brings to mind Italian artist Michelangelo Caravaggio.

Carrying on these powerful painting traditions in the 21st century is Di Scenza’s way of connecting the classics that shaped him at an early age with today’s modern, fast paced world. He is intrigued by the universal traits of humanity that span the centuries and are always relevant.

“When I paint, I try to continue the great painting methods that came before me,” explains Di Scenza. “At the same time, I seek to create the immediacy of the here and now through the unique spirit of the person I’m painting. From a larger perspective, I think people of today need something to believe in, to recognize. They respect skill and want quality.”
Ron Di Scenza
Oct 1, 2014

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