Lita Cabellut, the Black Tulip

Dutch figurative painter Lita Cabellut’s fabulous new collection: The Black Tulip, which is a tribute to the Golden Age, the time of change, tolerance, trade and religion.

“This was the era in which we took clothing off and sometimes even changed skin to achieve a new state of human nature. There was the temptation of beauty, fragrances from India, new music, fabrics and theatre. The muses of the Arts declared war and gained a fantastic victory against fanaticism and the dark thoughts of the world. The rights of Human Nature started shining from this moment of the Golden Age.

The Golden Age was a period of passion and revolution in the human mind and is a wonderful historical moment with an unprecedented diversity of features: passion, longing, sensuality, freedom as well as protest. It was a period of revolution in human rights, art and science and in politics.

To me, the Black Tulip symbolises the Dutch people’s mercantile spirit. They succeeded in turning something as transitory, vulnerable and unpredictable as the tulip into something of value, with such determination. The belief in the possibility of the black tulip is still a symbol of the willingness and entrepreneurship to explore new worlds.”
Lita Cabellut
Sept 27, 2014

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