Renee Rouillier, magic & power of long forgotten fables and folklore

My work is greatly influenced by the art of the Surrealist and German Expressionist; art with an edge, dark side, or altered state of reality that resides somewhere in the unknown.

Within this reality exists gateways to the magic and power of long forgotten fables and folklore, mythological creatures, the supernatural, and hybrids of the past and possibly future; all fluctuating between a dreamlike state of endless possibilities and nightmares of what is to become.

Although in the past I have used animal imagery (often in the form of masks), to portray traits associated with various creatures, revealing the true nature of the wearer, my current concern focuses more on the constant fluctuation of the earth’s environment and atmosphere and the many species of animals that are in jeopardy of extinction. I try to interject this concern into my art as well as the sense of compassion, fortitude, and cohesiveness the world is losing touch with.

Raised in upstate New York, Rouillier received an MFA in Ceramic Sculpture and 3D Study from the University of South Carolina; BFA with a concentration in Ceramics and a BS in Interdisciplinary Arts for Children from SUNY College at Brockport; and a Certification in Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Since her 20’s she has dedicated herself to the arts and feels her art is in a constant state of flux and mirrors not only personal life changes, but also reflects worldly divergences and actions with their possible outcome. She draws inspiration from past tribal cultures and contemporary unindustrialized cultures valuing their respect for the earth and all life forms. She is emphatic that the deeds of humanity will continue to have a profound effect on harmonious existence and the survival of all.

Trained in a variety of mediums, clay provides the manipulability and avenue for her contemporary storytelling. Her sculptures reveal various layers of surface treatments creating a timeless quality.
Renee Rouillier
Jul 21, 2018

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