Ramesh Chindam, figurative painter from India

Painting is to me self expression
I grew up in an environment where painting got priority over other forms of art. It is quite interesting to note the fact that my father is into textile design by occupation and weaver by choice without a sound knowledge in either history or painting could fill his place with works of not only popular artists but also the lesser known ones. I experienced all these through my life and learned a lot. This environment and support transformed my hobby into my profession. During my school and intermediate years, I was occupied only in activities related to painting and music. I won various prizes in spot painting and creative writing. The age of being different yet creative has initiated me to the wonderful world of expression and freedom.

After my main stream of education I chose Fine Arts as my undergraduate program and got into the fore most school of arts and crafts, which is one of the most premier colleges of Fine Arts in India. I joined Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University of Fine Arts and completed my Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA Painting) in the year of 2005. After my graduation I decided to study for further possibilities of Unconventional Media to create forms with meaning. Having heard about the Academy of Art University offering MFA program in painting I decided to pursue my higher studies in this university. Graduation at this esteemed University blends high quality. In the pursuit of my dreams I want to make an effort toward my excellence in my field which would enable me to express my knowledge I that particular field. I am currently pursuing in a Master of Fine Arts program at the Academy of Art University, in San Francisco, California.

My paintings will differ from one another in color and technique. I feel that they are all unified in subject and emotion. I hope to capture the mood of my subject, Indian culture and colors that emphasize through composition, color and technique.
Ramesh Chindam
Feb 25, 2015

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