Jim Kransberger, humorous figurative ceramic sculpture

I am an aficionado of great one liner’s; have a passion for the narrative within editorial cartoons, especially those of The New Yorker magazine; have always had a love of good satire and social criticism from any direction. Good, dry jokes break me up. People who laugh at themselves intrigue me. People who don’t, or can’t, or won’t laugh out loud make me uncomfortable.

Started making humorous pieces to hide my ignorance of how to sculpt. It was a slight of hand, a miss-direction. Some would call it a nervous laugh. I just had no technique. Have gained, just enough in that area, as to want to try to fly a little higher. Fear of falling or failing no longer matters.

Prat fall comedy isn’t really funny. Political humor is a Ying & Yang contradiction in which the double edge sword cuts both ways into their (who the potter?) mirrored reflections. I’ve been told I have a “false sense of well being” and that tends to annoy people who think the sky is always falling.

Although I have no communicative end goal or game, I am trying to improve my aim, tightening my sights on how I present my work’s subject matter clearer, getting more definitive. Arguably, my early comic, whimsical attempts at humor have gotten more focused, more specific. Maybe, not so funny.

In the beginning I made 6 inch sculptures. I’m looking at a 18 inch size in my next, newer work. Bigger work means better edges become attainable; and, better edges define the quality of good sculpture.

You’re pretty much on your own as to guessing what I’ve said or am saying with my work. Regardless of my intent, I can only hope I’ve spoken in a clear enough voice as to get you to say “Oh yes” when you compare my work with its title. Titling is a lot of fun; and, I am a very bad traffic cop when it comes to giving directions.

Stay tuned, I am having a grand time playing with my Gilbert Chemistry Set of clay sculpture making. Clay is a great material and I’ll never understand why so many waste it on the making of round things to eat off or drink out of . . . just joking.

Remember the ancient proverb:
It is better to have bought my work, than to have not.
Jim Kransberger
Feb 14, 2015

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