Rachel Talbot bronze figurative sculpture brings Beatrice Potter to life

Rachel Talbot is a highly talented young artist who revels in creating bronze sculptures that exemplify her love of literature ranging from Grimm’s fairy tales to Charles Dickens, and the work of children’s illustrators such as Arthur Rackham and Beatrice Potter.

Quoted as saying, “In my artistic journey through life I have every intention of indulging my imagination and like Peter Pan I strive never to grow up!” her work is full of merriment and humour. And yet her pieces celebrate a piercing range of human qualities, born of close observation of human experience. The centred grace of “Encore”, the poise and calm of “Serenity”, the hauteur of “The Honoured Guest” are engaging, vivid, human qualities that resonate in the onlooker. Her charming, seductive pieces are enlivened by vibrant patinas and animated gestures and movements. At once nostalgic yet uniquely modern, skilful in execution yet playful in effect, bringing a smile to our faces, her work is a delight and a gift for the future.
Rachel Talbot
Aug 26, 2011

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