Josta Keil figure painting, lost in thought

My work concerns itself with human beings and their inner state. A purely external viewpoint doesn’t interest me at all. The outer form is solely a frame for the inner feelings.

Usually I paint my figures into scenes in which they reveal themselves to be lost in thought and vulnerable. In doing this I want to bring out the intensity of the moment, that of a brief expression. This short moment, which seems so unspectacular and which mostly passes by unnoticed, is a deep, moving experience because it reveals the fundamental, the inner being for a fleeting moment; it gives an insight into the soul.

As well as this, the cooperation with my models during the production of the sketches and studies is important for my art.

I go through each scene and situation with my model and develop a story with which the model can identify with, until an authentic feeling and expression is able to develop which corresponds to my inner vision, or inspires me to develop something new.
Josta Keil
Aug 15, 2011

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