Narrative figurative paintings at Cole Gallery

The Narrative Show

April 21 – May 16
Paintings that tell a story, capturing the power of the visual image to ignite imaginations and evoke emotions, this is the essence of Narrative Art. Cole Gallery has long been known for its love of this particular kind of art and great figurative artists such as Michael Fitzpatrick, Willow Bader, Susan Diehl and more. From the quirky and humorous to more serious subjects, these pieces narrate life, communicating stories across diverse sectors of life and culture.

Renowned painter of the Narrative, Michael Fitzpatrick delights his viewers with beauty and charm, all exquisitely rendered in this modern masterpiece. Michael weaves his stunning realism along with abstract design elements which combine with color and vibrancy bringing this painting to sublime life. Quirky and delightful, Michael never fails to interject humor and surprise into his amazing paintings.

Willow Bader encaustic
Willow Bader became fascinated with the art of Tango several years ago and has become nationally renowned for her dramatic tango series.

Regarding the Narrative show and her hinged paintings, she states, “The hinged pieces I create are an exceptional good opportunity to create narrative- two to five paintings hinged together tell a larger story. I add to the narrative of my pieces with the titles of my work too. I like to invite and engage the mind of the viewer to enter into the painting,like how the first line of a good story pulls the reader in.”

Warmth by Susan Diehl

Apr 23, 2016

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