Meredith Rose, captivating nudes

I am capturing the essence of a human being in oil on linen and charcoal on paper. My paintings and drawings are always created from a live model. Expressive paint strokes, palette knife work, and even painting with fingers suggest deeper emotional intensity in my relationship with the human form. I draw and paint from observation in order to achieve the mark making and color harmony desired.

I want to change how nudes have been and still are often portrayed as visual subjects in traditional and contemporary iconography. My work breaks barriers regarding the objectification of women. Ethnicity, cultural identity, sexual orientation: all of these play a role in my oil paintings of which the vast majority are of women. Mixed race couples and portraits are depicted to prove equality among human beings. The strength of diversity in American culture is also relevant in my captivating nudes.

Landscapes have always been an inspiration to me. Nudes that I create are often incorporated into nature. I paint on hemp linen for environmental reasons. My charcoal and conte crayon figure drawings are high contrast and sharp in execution. Stirring beauty in my work has remarkable power to engage the viewer.

Meredith Rose
Jan 15, 2014

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