Carolin Peters, the sensual aspects to life

Born in 1981, Carolin Judith Peters, grew up in a small, little known town in Bavaria called Vilsbiburg. To this day she is heavily influenced by the impressions made on her by the idyllic beauty of southern Germany. Fascinated by nature’s overwhelming beauty and power Carolin started processing these impressions at a very young age through pencil drawings of animals and people.

In 2002, the intrigue of learning representational art making techniques and an unceasing urge to get away from her native surrounding’s small-town mentality, triggered her move to southern California. There she completed six rigorous years of study in Fine Arts and graduated from Laguna College of Art and Design in 2008 with her BFA and MFA degree.

Her most influential mentors during her studies were renowned figurative painters F. Scott Hess and Stephen Douglas.

Although she is fresh out of school her exhibition record is already notable and includes group and juried shows all over California. Galleries and other venues she has exhibited at include Koplin del Rio (Culver City), Arena 1 (Santa Monica), I-5 Gallery (Los Angeles) and the Fairhaven Mausoleum (Santa Ana).

Awards she has won include The Art Renewal Center Merit and Purchase Awards, Best of Show Award from the Pacific Art Foundation, Excellence in Arts from the Peter and Masha Plotkin Foundation, the Passport to China Scholarship from the Contemporary Chinese Fine Art Gallery and a 2nd Best in Show at the Fairhaven Mausoluem Exhibit Sotto Voce.

Art, for Carolin, holds the unique opportunity to engage with life’s experiences on a primarily sensual level. She feels that in the western world, most of our day is spent in a rational mind set. She herself spends a lot of time studying subjects like literature, mythology and psychology. Yet, when it comes to creating art she focuses her often large-scale, figurative paintings and drawings on psychologically and emotionally saturated moments, staged in nature’s beauty. By creating art that needs to be felt rather than understood she focuses on the sensual aspects to life. With these works she hopes to offer a quiet room for the viewer’s spirit to discern itself with the presented image.

Carolin Peters
Jan 14, 2014

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