Marcos Palazzi, simple moments portraying happiness & joy

Marcos Palazzi is a figurative painter based in Barcelona, who is recently showed at the gallery Sala Pares, the oldest gallery in Barcelona (where also Picasso had the chance to display his art).

The expo is called Dwanggedachten and collects some stunning artworks, where you can admire the true talent of this artist. Among his strongest skills you can easily spot his passion for drawing. In fact, the paintings are rich in details, and it is possible to detect the sign of pencil next to the color when admiring the surface of the woodblock live. Sometime the pencil is carrying the whole sense of poetry of the composition, some other time pencil and oil paint alternates in a very lyrical interplay, so that the the eye of the viewer can perceive the organic process behind the creation.

The subjects chosen belong to the daily life of Palazzi. Some of the faces of his characters belong to his family, friends and close ones, and they are immersed in natural, simple little moments that quite often portray happiness and joy. His treatment of lights reflects his internal search for beauty and enlightenment, the same enlightenment that he represents with ray of light behind the head of the women and animals as a sign of wisdom and awareness.

The entire body of work communicates a positive feeling about life and existence, where the little things and details matters, and Art is an excuse to talk about them with the right terms. His palette, vivid and wide, is visibly pop and well thought (the association of colors he manage to present are extremely pleasing to witness), in order to convey his approach to the world and its meaning. Experiencing his imagery you will be struck by his sense of humor as well, which is in play through jokes he creates between the titles of the artworks and the image itself. Not only Dwanggedachten was a must see occasion because of all the reasons stated above, but the Art of Palazzi in his whole is a great example of what the Art of this century should be.
Article by Diana Di Nuzzo
Marcos Palazzi’s website
May 2, 2018

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