LUCE Lucia Horakova, bold figure painting from Slovakia

I grew up under the mountains – High Tatras, which are the highest mountains in Czech and Slovak Republic. My surname comes from the word “mount” what in Slovak language is “Hora.” I spent my childhood in a small village, at the end of the world (in the center of nowhere), where everything was fascinating.

My collection “GOLDEN AGE IS OVER” was inspired by the music of Woodkid, there are some moments similar with my own life. I wanted to give some colours to the story, that memory wasn’t far. Many arts are motivation to me, like sculpture, music, dance….

Dance on ice is in my second collection “CRYSTAL.” In this dance, the human body creates figures, in which the borders of opposites dissolve. I am interested in how people can represent their state of mind with moves of body, forces of nature, or the opposite, conditions of environment influence gesture and pose.

In my collection “VOLAVKY”, people are in harmony with animals. I perceive the human being as a part of nature, not as someone who stands apart from the whole.

2003-2009 – ACCADEMIA D’ARTE IN BANSKA BYSTRICA – Facolti di Belle Arti, Dipartimento di Pittura
2007-2008 – UNIVERSIDAD COMPLUTENSE MADRID (Programma nazionale di stipendium della Repubblica Slovacca) – pittura, disegno, grafica, storia dell’arte pittura, disegno, computer grafica, metodi e tecnologie di stampa grafica.
LUCE Lucia Horakova
Jan 9, 2019

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