Jaclyn Garlock, figurative painting, a little humor daily

Large color and dominant imagery are the main elements in my work. I want strong primary colors and images that are in your face, subjects that are larger than life. Every image should speak for itself and make you stare because you know someone who’s been there. I prefer contrast in my life and work, and hopefully a little humor daily. The figures in these images are predominantly women. They are snapping their fingers and having a good time. They are in complete control and they know how to laugh. I am serious about what I do and I have always known comfort in the real strength of women, but I never take myself too seriously.

My art is representational. At a glance each composition looks as if it is a second in time in a life – captured. In the beginning I have people pose in contrived “candid” positions which look quite natural when photographed. I generally see things as they are, but have found that for me to capture that thought, look, or second in time in a painted image, I need to mimic the instant with careful set up, and an extensive photo session. Models are given idea direction and will act out short situations in a stop action, much like making a very short movie. These references can then be combined and rearranged to compose the image I finally use to relate my idea.

I believe the end result of thoughtful direction is the expression of my ideas in a face that is instantly recognizable even to a less discriminating viewer. I want my images to be straight forward, no questions, no deep thoughts and no hidden messages. If I attach personal meaning or use personal experience as an origin of an image, it is truly only understood by me. If you ask, I will tell, but I hope that the appreciation of an image in a painting should not rest on what I was thinking. It’s better to give the viewer the opportunity to appreciate it from his or her point of view, applying his or her own idea to the meaning or story found in the image, rather than insist they see it the same way I do. Audience participation can be a great thing.
Jaclyn Garlock
Jan 16, 2019

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