Iris Nardini, figurative sculpture from Canada

Iris Nardini is a figurative sculptor based in Victoria, British Columbia.

Iris works in clay, bronze and steel to explore the formal tensions of the human body. Interested in line, movement and corporeal tensions, Iris often situates her subjects within spaces and objects that are rife with symbolic meaning.

As a figurative sculptor, Iris strives to capture movement beyond physical form. By pushing compositional boundaries and maintaining movement and fluidity through space, each sculpture exemplifies a moment of arresting voyeurism.

Iris Nardini received a BFA from the University of California, Long Beach. She continued her studies at the University of Victoria and remains steadfast in her commitment to art education by continuing artistic training under the tutelage of prominent Italian figurative sculptors in Florence, Italy.
Iris Nardini
March 28, 2015

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