Alejandro Pasquale, intimate drawings from Argentina

I feel that the fact of drawing is merely an instinctive reflection … maybe the consequence of a certain point of view of the world.

This action and form of language has been with me since childhood, exploring different ways to exhibit in two-dimensional form the facts and passages of my life.

I think the essence of drawing exists when creation flows freely as in a game. I try the game every step of creating my work, and this also shows in the final result.

I like that the work invites contemplation … I think that really transcends the artist when the invitation is accepted by the viewer.

As for the pictures of my works, they are often intended to capture a whole atmosphere and not be merely portraits of characters.

One of the elements that you can see in my pictures is the human figure; beings that could be drawn from my own environment or not. I tend to use the image of children within the composition. I expose the inner world of these characters outside academic poses, usually in simple everyday situations and environments.
Alejandro Pasquale, Argentina
March 25, 2015

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