Ginny Merett, collage mix of delight, shenanigans & tension

Ginny Merett is a multimedia artist. Her work is a charismatic mix of delight, shenanigans, and tension. She creates personalities using painting, drawing, and collage techniques and processes that bring the viewer in for a closer look.

Ginny always considered herself to be an artist, and believes it to be a gift to which she owes every success. From an early age, she constantly sewed, created, drew, and danced. Ginny took private art lessons at age 8 and enrolled in art at every opportunity in school. She continued studying art in college where she majored in art education.

After moving more times then she would like to remember, Ginny settled in South Carolina to raise children and teach art. Ginny worked as a teaching artist for 30 years in all grade levels from pre-school to graduate level; all the while raising two kids, earning two master’s degrees in education, and developing her own work.

Nowadays Ginny spends uninterrupted hours in her studio where she continues to sew, make, draw, dance, and create.

"My work is a unique mix of delight, shenanigans, and tension. It is inspired by ordinary people and places found in old photo albums, magazines, and from my area of town. Each piece is individually created to be original, one-of-a-kind, and authentic.

I use a variety of papers in my work including maps, sheet music, scrap paper, and magazine pages. I collect color palettes of paper just as the painter collects and mixes paint.

I use collage and painting techniques, tearing or cutting paper, and outlining each shape with pen."
Ginny Merett
Nov 2, 2017

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