Dean Allison, human condition in figurative glass sculpture

My work is an exploration of the human condition in figurative sculpture using glass. I want to evoke self-reflection, a connection to emotion and existential ideas. I am interested in historical sculpture and paintings and using glass as a primary medium to create work that opens a dialogue to self reflection.

Glass as a material is a perfect vehicle to depict the human condition as it is similarly fragile, polished, broken, transparent and/or opaque. I am interested in creating familiar scenes or states of being that have melancholy undertones, misshapen or manneristic physical features that confront ideas of beauty and tell stories.

These stories may contain a fleeting memory, an intense feeling or character and identity studies. Themes that run through my work are adolescence, feelings of fear and anxiety, sexuality, strength, persistence, and mortality. I am interested in subtle details that blur lines of beauty and ugliness, terror and serenity, confrontation and calm.
Dean Allison

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