Christy Lee Rogers presents her latest underwater art project

In an adventurous journey for the senses Christy Lee Rogers presents her latest water project, titled Odyssey. With over a hundred larger than life size photographs, the images that make up this battle between spirit and flesh are charged with feelings of sensuality, mystery, freedom and intrigue. Rogers describes the collection as a poetic story wherein the viewer is the hero, travelling through a world filled with wonder and dangerous adventure; each image representing a character that embodies this other-worldly story of good versus evil.

Her modern mix of old Renaissance painting techniques and Expressionist juxtapositions is rarely, if ever, so beautifully realized in contemporary photography. Rogers’ neo figurative approach to image making is achieved using simple physics, involving the refraction and reflection of light through water. Creating all of her images in-camera, each image involves extensive experimentation using the elements of light, water, color and movement.
Christy Lee Rogers
Mar 14, 2011

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