Figurative fine art sculpture, sculptures of people, portrait sculpture

Blake Ward

Blake Ward Monaco Website: Art Medium: sculpture Technique: Figurative Clay Modeling & Wax Angels “As a sculptor, my work will always remain figurative as it expresses ideas across cultures, religions and philosophies. I believe that personal growth comes with artistic endeavour and my new work is challenging my old notions of figurative sculpture as …

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Arye Shapiro

Arye Shapiro Austin, TX, USA Website:aryeshapiro.comInstagram:arye.shapiro Art Medium: painting, drawing, portraits, sculpture I draw, paint, and sculpt from life. I draw in pencil and charcoal, paint in oil, and sculpt in clay. Some of my sculptures have been cast in bronze. Embracing Couple, 13″W x 24″H x 9″D, bronze You Wouldn’t Understand, ceramic, acrylic, waxfemale …

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Oceana Rain Stuart

Oceana Rain Stuart California, USA Website: Art Medium: sculpture Technique: Bronze Figurative Sculpture, Fine Art

Carole Feuerman

Carole Feuerman New York, NY, USA Website: Art Medium: sculpture Technique: hyper realistic oil painted resin figures, bronze figures and spheres, monumental/installation works

Bob Trotman

Bob Trotman USA Website: Art Medium: sculpture; wood carver Technique: carved wood, tempera… Corporate purgatory

Suzy Birstein

Suzy Birstein Vancouver, Canada Website: Art Medium: Ceramic Sculpture, Oil Paintings Ceramic Technique: Low fire clay, surfaced with underglazes, glazes, lustres, paint & patinas Merging the powerful beauty of Queen Nefertitti with the song ‘n dance spirit of Carmen Miranda “ZsaZsa” from “Las Meninas” series Ceramic 20″x18″x18″ . “….in wonderland” Ceramic 24″x14″x14″ . “Cirque …

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