Figurative ceramics, figurative ceramic sculpture, people in clay, porcelain, hand building

Gerardo Monterrubio

Gerardo Monterrubio Los Angeles, CA, USA Website: gerardomonterrubio.com Art Medium: figurative ceramic culpture Technique: Underglaze pencil on porcelain

Sue Roberts

Sue Roberts Website: suerobertssculpture.com Art Medium: figurative ceramic sculpture

Penney Bidwell

Penney Bidwell Denver, CO, USA Website: penneybidwell.com Art Medium: figurative ceramics, figure sculpture Technique: Handbuilt terra-cotta clay, layered terra sigilatta, slips, oxides and glazes, multi-fired.

Michele Collier

Michele Collier Los Angeles, CA, USA Website: burningclay.com Art Medium: ceramics, figurative sculpture Technique: Free-form slabs, fired with stains and oxides

John McCuistion

John McCuistion Tacoma, WA, USA Website: nwceramics.com Art Medium: figurative ceramics, figure sculpture Technique: multiple: handbuilding, slipcasting, lowfire, highfire, gas and electric kilns

Krista Grecco

Krista Grecco USA Website: kristagrecco.com Art Medium: ceramics, sculpture Technique: handbuilt porcelain and earthenware sculpture

Julia Hanzl

Julia Hanzl Vienna, Austria Website: juliahanzl.com Art Medium: figurative ceramics, figurative sculpture Technique: Sculpture (Realism, Surrealism), Ceramic, handmodelled and hollowed out, mostly with Glaze and Kaseincolour, the figures are mostly about 60 -70 cm.

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