Figurative ceramics, ceramic sculpture, people in clay, porcelain, hand building

Gretel Boose

Gretel Boose Ontario, Canada . Website: gretelboose.com Art Medium: portraits, sculpture, ceramic, mixed media    

Kathy Venter

Kathy Venter California, USA & BC, Canada Website: kathyventer.com Art Medium: ceramics, sculpture Technique: Hand-built ceramic

Linda Wren

Linda Wren RIchmond, VA, USA . Website: lwrenceramics.com Art Medium: ceramics, sculpture Technique: I try to breathe life into clay. To imbue it with feelings or capture moments in time. To massage the mundane with magic so that it reveals the wonder within.  

Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong

Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong Bridgeport, CT, USA Website: jocelynbraxtonarmstrong.com Instagram: jbarmstrongceramics Art Medium: figurative ceramics, sculpture Statement – The Figure: Formal My formal figurative work is rooted in Geometric Abstraction, which is evident in the loose Cubist approach I employ by segmenting the body into shapes. I use photographs by notable photographers such as, Lee Friedlander, …

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Melinda Crider

Melinda Crider Georgia, USA Website: melindacrider.com Art Medium: sculpture, ceramics, mixed media Technique: paper clay with terra sigillata, underglaze, metal and gold luster I began my formal education at the Atlanta College of Art, focusing on painting and sculpture. In the Apprenticeship Program at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center I began an in-depth study of clay …

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Wanxin Zhang

Wanxin Zhang San Francisco, CA, USA Website: wanxinzhang.com Art Medium: figurative clay sculpture

Cristina Cordova

Cristina Cordova Penland, NC, USA Website: cristinacordova.com  Art Medium: ceramics, mixed media, sculpture

Tricia Cline

Tricia Cline USA Website: triciacline.com Art Medium: sculpture, porcelain In the true work every iota of its space deserves total care and attention. Attention equals love. This approach towards detail is a kind of deliberate, very present meditation and allows a transcendent quality to enter through you. People have forgotten the transcendent power of art. …

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