Brittany Lauren, acrylics and encaustics

Brittany Lauren graduated from Sheridan College where she received her certificate in Art Fundamentals and an Advanced Diploma in Crafts and Design, Glass.

Most recently, Brittany has been exploring new mediums and taking encaustic workshops at R & F Paints in New York to refine and expand her paintings. She finds that working with wax allows you to work quicker and easier because the medium is fairly forgiving. You can build layers upon layers without the waiting time. Drawing from her inspirations in cultural differences, she explores the essence of African tribes and tries to capture their raw nature.

Brittany participates in local exhibitions and continues to create custom work for luxury cottages and local interior designers.

Artist Statement
I am a painter inspired by the keepers of Africa. Tribes that connect to the land and animals living in total harmony. Their traditions and dreams significant to everyday life. These are the people who truly understand and portray natural beauty. I try to capture the emotion that is engraved in their faces by painting. Painting allows for such a rawness that photographs cannot provide.

I use acrylic paints in my work because they’re the most versatile. Applying washes, glazes and scrubbing the canvas allows me to create depth and a certain roughness in the faces. In some cases I use encaustics because it also has a natural layering effect that I love to work with. By creating these emotions I feel people have a better chance of connecting and responding to my work which I feel is important when it comes to art.
Brittany Lauren
Jan 6, 2012

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