A.D. Cook, master painter of female nudes

OBLIVIOUS acrylic on canvas – A.D. Cook

Are Artists who create nude human forms getting turned on while they create?

Our brains are in spatial-thinking mode and conscious sexual thoughts would get in the way and defeat the intention.

Kelly Borsheim

O painter skilled in anatomy, beware lest the undue prominence of the bones, sinews and muscles cause you to become a wooden painter from the desire to make your nude figures reveal all.

Leonardo da Vinci

When you draw a nude, sketch the whole figure and nicely fit the members to it and to each other.

Even though you may only finish one portion of the drawing, just make certain that all the parts hang together, so that the study will be useful to you in the future.

Leonardo da Vinci

The problem with painting a nude? is that it deepens the transaction.

You can scrap a painting of someone’s face and it imperils the sitter’s self-esteem less than scrapping a painting of the whole naked body.

Lucian Freud

BROOKLYN – 40″ x 30″ on metal – A.D. Cook

A thorough understanding of the anatomy of the human figure in its ideal form is fundamental to relating to, and interpreting, our perception of the world.

Marvin Humphrey

There is nothing as humbling as drawing, sketching, painting the human body.

Young, old, middle aged, it is such a thing of beauty and wonder.

Mary Jean Mailloux

Beautiful nudes made it possible for us to contemplate our sexuality in safety.

Martha Mayer Erlebacher

Woman’s nudity is wiser than the philosopher’s teachings.

Max Ernst

And who is so barbarous as not to understand that the foot of a man is nobler than his shoe, and his skin nobler than that of the sheep with which he is clothed.


SOLACE – acrylic on canvas, 48″ x 36″ – A.D. Cook

He who does not master the nude cannot understand the principles of architecture.


A painter is not intellectual when having painted a nude woman, he leaves in our minds the idea that she is going to get dressed again right away.

Odilon Redon

The nude portrait is only incidentally about the naked person in the middle of the room.

Paula Brook

I paint a woman’s big rounded buttocks so that I want to reach out and stroke the dimpled flesh.

Peter Paul Rubens

In celebration of the female nude, I’ve assembled a selection of great quotes about beauty and the nakedness of women, their role as Muse and their eternal contribution to the arts. I’ve sprinkled a few of my paintings to express my appreciation for the muse in the best way I know how.

A. D. Cook
Guest blog by artist A. D. Cook
Dec 3, 2014

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