Women Painting Women from a Blog to an Exhibition

“Last year Sadie Valeri, a San Francisco artist and teacher, created the Women Painting Women blog to highlight the work of living, realist women painters who use the female subject in their paintings. The blog proved to be so successful that Sadie enlisted the help of fellow artist friends Diane Feissel and Alia El-Bermani to help maintain it. They’ve listed over 300 artists and can now be found on facebook as well.

This year, inspired by the blog, Robert Lange Studios of Charleston, SC is hosting “Women Painting Women-A group Invitational”. The show has been judged and my paintings, “Voice of the Tiger” and “Fast Lane” will be included along with the work of almost 50 artists this November and “Voice of the Tiger” has been chosen by the editors of Art Magazine for the cover image of it’s November issue!

The opening is November 5th, 5:30-8:30, don’t miss a chance to meet these women and see their work in person.

The gallery says “The artists chosen for this show are the ones that refuse to play it safe. Those who don’t adhere to traditional painting standards and are creating truly unique works, including: Adrienne Stein, Diane Feissel, Kerry Brooks, Amy Lind, Ali Cavanaugh, Jessica Dunegan, Karen Silvestro, Sanna Tomac, Terry Strickland, Candice Bohannon, Sadie J Valeri, Rachel Constantine, Jennifer Balkan, Abby Heller-Burnham, Lisa Gloria, Stanka Kordic, Cindy Procious, Lique Schoot, Suellen McCrary, Katherine Fraser, Francesca Marzorati, June Glasson, Francien Krieg, Jennifer Present, Kirsten Moran, Mia Bergeron, Joyce Polance, Elisa Rossi, Jennifer Nehrbass, Sharon Sprung, Jazz-minh Moore, Haley Hasler, Stephanie Rew, Lee Price, Karen Kaapcke, Sharon Allicotti, Sandra Flood, Lacey Lewis, Tiffany Sage, Gail Potocki, Anna Killian, Karen Ann Myers, Sharon Knettell, Alia El-Bermani, Sara Scribner, Catherine Prescott, and Shannon Runquist.”

(I’m including links for the artists websites that I could find… my apolgies in advance for the time you’re going to spend browsing, cause there’s some amazing work out there.)

And all because Sadie Valeri had an idea for a blog and made it happen.

There’s more info about the show on the RLS blog. If you’re in the Charleston area, stop by! It’s sure to be an amazing show.
Terry Strickland (image “Voice of the Tiger”, 33×32)
PS Thanks Paula for all you’re doing for the figurative arts community!
Women Painting Women
Sep 30, 2010

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