Valérie Tertrais, classic portrait painter from France

Diploma of Beaux Arts de Paris in 1988, Valérie Tertrais is a French figurative painter, specializing in portrait painting, working principally by commissions.

Her works have been shown in many exhibitions and her commissioned portraits are from all around the world, principally in Washington (USA), Porto Rico, Niamey (Niger), Pondichery (India), Bruxelles (Belgium), and of course Paris in her home country of France.

Diplomée des Beaux-Arts de Paris en 1988.
Nombreux portraits en France, Europe, U.S.A, Amerique latine, Chine.
Specialisée dans le portrait classique (sanguine, pastel, huile).
Valérie Tertrais
May 20. 2017

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