Tricia Cline

Tricia Cline



Art Medium: sculpture, porcelain

In the true work every iota of its space deserves total care and attention. Attention equals love. This approach towards detail is a kind of deliberate, very present meditation and allows a transcendent quality to enter through you.

People have forgotten the transcendent power of art. Here in the west art has been glorified as a product of the ego, as personal revelation, this couldn't be less true, art comes from beyond the personal, from the transcendent whisper that is ever present to everyone (and every thing), and therefore there is really nothing personal about it. So the images that come to us are not based on ideas out of mind, the images that come are transcendent guests - friends - that we develop ongoing relationships with.

The image is a friend that has come to teach you its life through the direct (non-interpretive) observation of it, to then be possessive of it is to "kill the snake." It is through respect that the relationships open outward into beauty, respect that allows the image to be who it is and not just a thing in relation to us.

Cat Sings to the Acolytes, 2004, porcelain, 36 x 36 x 11 in.

To Bend and to Bow 20" x 10" x 10" porcelain 2010
Figurative ceramic sculpture

Pope Lizzy, 18 x 6 x 10 inches, porcelain, 2010
Figurative ceramic sculpture, porcelain

Pope Joey No2, 24 x 12 x 12 inches, porcelain, 2010
Figurative ceramic sculpture, porcelain