Toller Cranston

Website: Toller-Cranston

Art Medium: imaginative figure painting


Black Infanta, 8 x 6 feet

The Blue Gentleman, 6 x 5 feet

TollerCranston6612, imaginative figurative painting, costume figure painting
Blue Winter Ghost, 6 x 4 feet

The Skating Horse, 12 x 12 inches

TollerCranston6427, imaginative figurative painting, costume figure painting
The Same But Different, 3 x 2.5 feet

The Magician's Daughter, 3 x 3 feet

Crossroads, 4 x 3 feet


A Southern Girl, 4 x 3 feet

Canadian artist Toller Cranston, CM born April 20, 1949 is a Canadian figure skater and imaginative figu0rative painter. He is the 1971-1976 Canadian National Champion, the 1974 World Bronze Medalist, and the 1976 Olympic Bronze Medalist. Videos of his world class skating performance Part 1 and Part 2.

He was inducted into the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame in 1976, the Canadian Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 1997, the Order of Canada in 1977 and Canada's Walk of Fame in 2003. Toller Cranston currently lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where his main artistic outlet is now his painting, which often incorporates themes related to skating and costume.

Cranston has made significant contributions to the artistic enrichment of Canadian culture for over five decades.

He had an extraordinary career as a world figure skating champion and Olympic medalist, and is credited with single-handedly revolutionizing the artistic presentation of figure skating. Multi-talented, he prolifically created and exhibited his highly original art before, during, and now well beyond conducting a remarkably long and successful career.

Toller Cranston's imaginative and transcendent work has been exhibited in major international galleries and museums and has been featured in over 250 one-man exhibitions throughout the world.

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