Tim Okamura, women as fighters

In June I had the opportunity to see Tim Okamura’s lively figurative paintings at Douglas Udell Gallery, the Herstory show. I live a ferry ride away from Vancouver but I made sure not to miss this wonderful exhibition.

Many of his subjects are slightly larger than life but this one, about life size and a smaller canvas captivated me, especially with the butterflies and the “attitude” this young woman offers the viewer.

This was one of my favorites, large and well lit in a darkened nook, with ferocious tigers and a paper crown. Lovely! I want it!

“The Douglas Udell Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of Her Story by New York-based Edmonton-born painter, Tim Okamura. Combining academic portrait techniques with influences from contemporary street art, Okamura weaves complex social narratives of identity and place within his textural canvases. Unlike traditional portraiture, Okamura situates female subjects within the urban environment. Okamura’s subjects claim their own spaces, evoking personal stories against a background of gritty building exteriors, alleyways, graffitied walls, peppered with tags and symbols. A force in contemporary portrait painting, Okamura will present a new series of paintings and mixed media works at the Douglas Udell Gallery Vancouver on June 14th, 2014. ”

Tim Okamura
Aug 2, 2014

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