Tibor Simon-Mazula, abstract figurative painting

Born in 1973, raised in Hungary, Tibor Simon-Mazula completed his BA in Drawing and Mathematics at the University of Szeged, Hungary, before going on to study filmmaking and cinematography in Budapest. After working in Dubai as an Art Director for eighteen months, Tibor went on to earn his MFA in Painting in San Francisco. In the Fall of 2013, Tibor was named “Emerging Artist” at the Academy of Art University and has been the subject of a triumphant two-month solo exhibition in downtown San Francisco. In 2015 as The “Emerging Artist of the Bay Area” he exhibited nine paintings in Marin Museum of Contemporary Art. In March 2015 Tibor’s paintings were displayed in White Walls and Shooting Gallery San Francisco together with contemporary artists such us: world famous Don Ed Hardy, Adam Lister, Eric Kroll and M C Escher.

Tibor was a winner in the 2015 Bombay Sapphire Artisien Series National Competition and his painting was featured at Scope Miami Beach. The artist has also exhibited both painting and film at the international level. His medium is oil painting and currently he focuses on capturing figures in their domestic environment from an unusual perspective. He lives between San Francisco and Budapest with his wife Diana, who inspires his paintings.

“Simon-Mazula works intuitively, taking refuge in the physical and tactile aspects of painting.”
American Art Collector, 2013


During the painting process I trust in my actual instincts. Working intuitively is a refuge, which not only shields from the external world but creates connection. I calm down, when the brush caresses the canvas, but when the paint splashes, the palette knife scratches, I break through the grip of the world with the lively expressive action of painting. On the canvas, sometimes thick oil paint is mixed with bone ash or marble dust curls so that is cracks like the dry earth, but some areas are left empty as if a storm had swept through the image.
Tibor Simon-Mazula
May 24, 2017

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