The Nude Figure: Juried Exhibition

The Nude Figure: Juried Exhibition

October 16 – November 19, 2016
Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Gallery

Jurors Paul DuSold and Scott Noel, have assembled a survey of contemporary responses to the nude to illuminate resonances between traditions of imagining the figure and the artist’s personal experience. The theme of mirroring is a metaphor for the persistence of the nude as a theme in art and our shared visual understandings of the body.

Wayne Art Center is pleased to welcome Paul DuSold and Scott Noel as the jurors for the The Nude Figure exhibition.

The following artists will be featured:
Alaa Alhajji, PA
Eleanor Allen, PA
Jocelyn B. Armstrong, CT
Martin A. Arnold, MS
Christine Bailey, PA
Ricardo Barros, PA
Bo Bartlett, GA
Tamie Beldue, NC
Sarah R. Bloom with Angela Scafuro, PA
Karen Boyer, PA
Lon Brauer, IL
Nicholas Brown, PA
Noah Buchanan, CA
Harry S. Camarda, PA
Renee Chase, NJ
Mashiul Chowdhury, NJ
Elizabeth J. Culp, PA
Daniel F. Dallmann, PA
Thomas H. Del Porte, DE
Corinne M. Dieterle, PA
Jeff Dion, PA
Michael B. Doyle, NJ
Benjamin S. Duke, MI
Kathryn A. Engberg, NY
Holly R. Fischer, NC
Jarred D. Fisher, DE
Laura A. Frazure, PA
Benjamin Gordon, PA
Betz Green, PA
Nancy D. Green, PA
Andrea J. Haffner, CA
Elana Hagler, AL
Babara Handler, PA
Kathleen A. Hastings-D’Amico, PA
Lihuai He, China
Wayne A. Hibschman, PA
Nicol Hockett, VA
Lin X. Jiang, NY
Peter R. Kelsey, PA
Warren Keyser, PA
Clara Soyoun Kim, PA
Diane Lavelle, PA
Nguyen Le, MD
Theresa Lee, PA
Anne Leith, PA
Julia Levitina, PA
Arlene Lieberman, NY
Jennifer Lipman-Bartel, PA
Cathy Locke, CA
Dan McCormack, NY
John T. Meehan III, PA
Marcus Michels, MS
Chuck Miller, TX
Olga Nielsen, DE
Michael N. Pavol, PA
Joseph Pfeiffer-Herbert, NJ
Patrice L. Poor, PA
Phyllis D. Purves-Smith, PA
Malcolm A. Rolling, NJ
Elise Schweitzer, VA
Richard T. Scott, NY
Hal S. Shanis, PA
Christopher S. Smith, PA
Damian Smith, PA
Dori C. Spector, PA
Katherine Stanek, PA
Marianne G. Tebbens, PA
Mark Tennant, NY
William M. Thompson, NY
Aaron Thompson, PA
Zack Zdrale, WI

Wayne Art Center
413 Maplewood Ave., Wayne, PA 19087
Oct 22, 2016

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