The Florence Academy of Art Videos & Lectures now available on Patreon

The Florence Academy of Art Videos & Lectures now available on Patreon!

Patreon is a subscription website, and the Florence Academy is excited to use this platform for educating and inspiring artists about the craft of painting and sculpture. “The Florence Academy of Art Collective  is a new source for thoughtful, artistic and educational videos, filmed inside the school or artist’s studio, that feature FAA Founder, Daniel Graves, and Florence Academy Faculty and Alumni, Art History Lectures from the Florence campus, and behind the scenes photography. These videos will bring to you the Florence Academy’s community and take a deep dive into the philosophies and practices of its professional artists. At the same time, The FAA Collective on Patreon provides a new way to help fund scholarships, artist residencies, and more. There are five tiers, with unique gifts tied to each.

Enjoy our trailer: ‘Art Talk w/ Daniel Graves – Mixing your Palette to Tell a Story’

Florence Academy founder, Daniel Graves, spent decades searching for the shards of a lost tradition in painting and sculpture. Over the years, he put them back together to form The Florence Academy of Art’s curriculum. Our many talented graduates, who became the academy’s faculty, contributed to the evolution of the FAA’s teaching method by demystifying the practice of making art.

All the artists in The Florence Academy of Art Collective have donated their time to share with you what is happening within this vibrant community. Whatever the level, whether students just starting out, or graduates establishing their professional careers, the path they have chosen is supported by people who can make a difference.

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Feb 1, 2020

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