Cheryl Tall, figurative clay sculpture with character

Cheryl Tall, figurative clay sculpture with character Cheryl Tall is a Southern California-based artist whose work focuses on the relationships between people and their environments, and often includes architectural and figurative elements. She is especially known for her pinch coil technique, which gives her work an unusual texture reminiscent of wood shingles or scales. Tall

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Rosso, carnival characters & taboos

Rosso, carnival characters & taboos Rosso’s paintings are metaphors of contemporary society, born out of a reflection on the irony and conundrums of the human condition. Her canvasses are often populated with a colourful mixture of carnivalesque characters impersonating feelings, fears, themes and taboos commonly experienced. Visibly influenced by a variety of genres spanning from

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Interview with Lani Irwin

Interview with Lani Irwin Excerpt from interview with Lani Irwin, one of our earliest members. Larry Groff: What was school like for you? Lani Irwin: I envy so many painters who have had interesting or even extraordinary experiences with teachers who became mentors. When I think back to my classes, there was little that I

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