Susan K Boyle, painting with a big brush

Susan K Boyle most often works in the medium of fluid acrylic on paper.

Working from life, Boyle begins each painting by drawing her subject with an ordinary stick and fluid acrylics. The most current body of work is from her Figures, Colors, and Marks series which continues Boyle’s basic exploration of psychology, specifically what motivates people and why they make the choices they do.

Art is my primary creative outlet, so drawing and painting people seems particularly compelling to me,? she says. ?Mark making, design, and color, help me to delineate the beauty I see in people, to experience the spirituality inherent in the creative process, and to celebrate the joy of living, Susan adds.

Boyle has been exhibiting publicly for over twelve years and is a graduate of Arizona State University. Her work may be seen in private collections across America.

Susan K Boyle
Jan 25, 2013

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