Sheri Bredeson, drawings & portraits in graphite

Graphite, charcoal on paper

I have always marveled at the human form. As a child I was obsessed with ballet and all things Degas and Renoir, and my early paintings of dancers were heavily influenced by them. In these works I cared quite a bit more about the balance and grace of the body than costumes or surroundings. My later works explored the human form in more modern and abstract visions and were influenced by Da Vinci, Rodin, Picasso, Warhol, and Hockney. My preferred medium was a balance of acrylic and charcoal with the incorporation of interesting textures.
Today, I work in graphite on paper. Rheumatoid arthritis (which I am too young for, by the way!) no longer permits proper brush strokes or allows the beloved ritual of preparing for the employment of paints. The pencil, however, is accommodating and always at the ready. I appreciate the simplicity of drawing; the pigment begins where the light ends.

Endurance sport is a science. It is also a business. I am interested in science and business, but what I truly love about endurance sport is its art. The ever-increasing potential, the raw power, the mechanical perfection of the human body, the strength of the mind, the intense passion as it is revealed in the eyes and faces of athletes: I find these things to be inspiring and beautiful.

Sheri Bredeson
April 11, 2015

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