Sharon Sayegh, narrative figure painting

Working from memory, life, printed images, photographs, dreams and literature my images come from my personal experiences of life. For example, working from life my Highland Park Houses Series expresses the intimacy and delight I have with the character of the houses and changing atmosphere surrounding them in the community I lived in for 18 years. This series’ concept has evolved into Richter Street, Milltown which is a quirky 360 degree 8 panel graphite and ink drawing. It is a narrative of lives lived, past and present. It is about the natural decay of property and people’s efforts and energy put in to beautify and maintain our environment.

My work has developed to include a series of deep significance to me called Brave Hearts: Warriors for Peace. After reading an article about Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury by Dr. Richard Benkin, I was so moved by Choudhury’s courageous work that I began this series to highlight and promote moral courage and especially the work of these brave men, women and children who risk their lives to promote peace and seek truth.

My oeuvre includes portraits of friends and family using symbols and or imagery that further describe them, revealing my view that our environment forms us as much as we impact our environment.

In my undergraduate college years Neil Welliver was my mentor offering me a rare independent study with him. For 10 or more years I studied weekly with Dorothy Yung who was and continues to be a great artist, teacher, friend and mentor to me. I never forget what she says and is always in my heart. She now resides and paints in her studios in Hawaii and China.

In the last 5 years I have belonged to a supportive group of excellent artists, the Exhibitor’s Coop under the astute eye, energy and mentorship of Barbara Minch. We are a group of serious artists of which Barbara is the glue who moves us all to be the best at what we do.

For several years I studied with Marcel Franquelin who taught me many painting skills and tools.

Presently I have been moving towards combining traditional painting techniques with alla prima and more direct methods of applying oil paint to the support surface. I sometimes add gold leaf and Swarovski crystal as well. Inspiration comes to me from all sources including political, literary, personal events, nature and art. My work tends to be allegorical. I love all kinds of artwork from primitive to contemporary to the decorative.
Sharon Sayegh
Sept 23, 2015

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