Sharon Hudson, colorful paintings of women

My figurative painting and drawing always begins with real objects and live models. I try to express not something about myself, but something I see in my subject. My inspiration comes from masters of sensuality like Gauguin, Klimt, Matisse, Degas, and Van Gogh, as well as decorative arts like quiltmaking and stained glass.

Whether attracted by color, form, movement, or expression, I like to use art media that are swift and sensual, and work quickly to capture the subject. This spontaneous drawing may complete the artwork, or I may work the subject into a complex visual composition, such as a decorative figure collage, often playful, energized with collage and decorative patterns.

Objects are temporary configurations of energy and matter into recognizable forms. Both “solid” form, and “empty” space are full of energy. I like to represent both form and energy — a moment of visual balance between figure and ground, stability and motion, excitement and composure. The result, I hope, is spiritual harmony as well as visual pleasure.

Much contemporary art reflects alienation and distress, but I do not enjoy ugliness regardless of its philosophical garb. Art need not mirror and multiply the unpleasantnesses of life, but can instead enrich life by providing pleasure, harmony, and insight. The creative contribution of my art is not to criticize, but to synthesize; not to whine, but to heal; not to shock, but to provide enduring joy in everyday life at home or at work. Amidst the ubiquitous dis-integration of the modern world, I hope my art will provide a refuge of wholeness and balance, an intriguing and nourishing “feast for the eyes.” Enjoy!
Sharon Hudson
July 16, 2016

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