Raime Lee

Michigan, USA

Website: raimelee.com
Instagram: raimelee

Art Medium: contemporary figurative painting

Self [Isolation] Portrait | 9 x 12 | Oil on Panel

Quiet Contemplation | 14 x 10 | Oil on Linen

Lost & Found | 48 x 36| Oil on Linen

Lee Erck | 29 x 39 | Oil

Dame Judi Dench | 9 x 12 | Oil

Mother | 18 x 24 | Oil

When the Dust Settles... | 20 x 16 | Oil

Andrew in Late Winter | 12 x 14 | Oil on Linen


Raime Lee is an artist, illustrator, and designer. Her art investigates emotions and themes of life and death by using both figure and environment in her image-making. She faces the uncomfortable depths within to better understand the breadth of sorrow and love that coexist together.

Exhibitions and Awards

2020 New York Academy of Art Residency Scholarship Recipient
2019 91st Michigan Contemporary Art Exhibition
Muskegon Museum of Art - Muskegon, MI
Michigan Now: Annual Juried Fine Arts Exhibition - Petoskey, MI
Juror's Choice 2nd Prize 2019
Regional Art Show Festival of the Arts Finalist - Grand Rapids, MI


2013 BA, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI - Varsity Softball Scholarship

2020 BFA, Kendall College of Art and Design, Grand Rapids, MI
Exhibitions - 2020 Valedictorian, Kendall Award of Excellence Scholarship, Kendall Merit Scholarship, Dr. Standford Stoddard Family Scholarship, Art "AND" Scholarship

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