Raelis Vasquez, juxtaposing figures and historical context

The application of the visual communication and conventions of unity, history, and diversity of the narratives in my paintings creates a juxtaposition between the figures and the historical context. This forces ambiguity and perplexity within the voice of my work. I am most focused on the usage of traditional light, which conveys a dramatic essence that evokes a displacement between the viewer and the painting.

This separation effect allows the viewer to absorb as much of the painting as I want them to and often leaves them asking questions. It begins the conversation of recreating history and blurring the boundaries between traditional and contemporary methods of representation.

My recent work explores the aesthetic of cultural unity, iconic revivals of childhood memories as homage to my homeland the Dominican Republic, and reimagining canon paintings to include more ethnically diverse subjects. My family’s migration to the United States as a child has prompted me to understand cultural relations abstractly and I portray this in all of my work.
Raelis Vasquez
Aug 26, 2017

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